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Difference Between Hydra 1, 2 and 3 Cases

For those who have been reading our blogs about the best PC chassis for 8 GPUs, you probably know that I am a stickler when it comes to protecting (or showcasing) my expensive hardware and equipment. When it comes to computer cases, most don't pay attention to its features or presentation. Having a well-made chassis for graphics cards actually h...
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pc case essentials


"From the car to the PC, welcome to the "fan" club of a real revolution!" With a newly optimized principle and patented technology, Nanoxia offers the first nearly vibration-free PC fan in the world, the Nanoxia SPECIAL N.N.V. fan series.


We decided early on to have our CoolForce cable combs manufactured from high-grade aluminum instead of plastics. This ensures the user the opportunity to have tidy cable management and  high visual and stylistic value. 


With our Rigid LED bars we offer you a particularly stylish and high-quality upgrade for your PC. Our LEDs are equipped with high-end SMD5050 LEDs to deliver you an impressive luminosity that will surely not disappoint!

water cooling

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cooling essentials


To protect the metal components from corrosion we have developed a coolant, which in particular protects the metals copper, aluminum, brass and nickel. Thanks to our special mixture, our additive is compatible with all water cooling system.


We offer you a broad variety of straight and angled connectors and compression fittings for every demand.  Our fittings are of the highest grade and offer outstanding quality. Sealing rings ensure that the fittings are permanently sealed.


Our CoolForce PETG hard tubes are ideally suited for those who are truly interested in creating an individual system.  The use of high-quality PETG gives our hard tubes a unique firmness, making them almost impossible to break.

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