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Aluminum Cable Comb - Gunmetal - Limited Edition

$ 9.99
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  • Each piece is complex and difficult to rinse and anodize, so we only make these in limited quantities.
  • We don't rush orders just for the sake of lowering production costs. These are not cheaply finished metals.
  • We guarantee you the best-in-class & jewel-like custom cable management like no other. Each piece is made by hand and inspected prior to shipping.

Just like all our silver anodized cable combs, these gunmetal ones are the ultimate cable comb used by the most discerning PC cable sleevers and modders. The resulting fit and finish speak for itself - we give you the best aesthetics you can find in any cable comb. Give your PC cable management a dark, menacing and stealthy look. You can expect these gunmetal cable combs to be particularly remarkable, special and the only one of its kinds.

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