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Custom & Quiet Computer Fans

If you are looking for quiet PC case fans, look no further than Nanoxia’s collection of custom computer fans. Here you’ll discover a wide variety of quiet computer fans that range from sizes of 60mm to 140mm. Experience the revolutionary Deep Silence PC case fan—it’s so silent that you’ll have to keep yourself from constantly checking to see if it’s still running!

If you’re creating a high-density GPU mining rig or a similar type of processing-intensive unit, the Hydra 80mm case fan is a customer favorite that may work for you. Or, if you’re looking to design a virtually silent PC, the Special N.N.V. 120mm fan is the first vibration-free PC fan in the world. Nanoxia’s quiet PC case fans and custom computer fans are robust and durable, with options that match whatever application you have in mind.