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60 Degrees Angled Fitting Adapter Inner Thread G1/4 Outer Thread G1/4

$ 5.99

Under the label "CoolForce - powered by Nanoxia“ we present selected components for demanding water cooling and modding enthusiasts.

We offer you a broad variety of straight and angled connectors and compression fittings for every demand. Using our products makes it very easy to lay out your tubing inside your system as desired. Our fittings are of the highest grade and offer outstanding quality. Sealing rings ensure that the fittings are permanently sealed.

This rotating 60° angle is suited to offer a high level of safety in the system, because it allows tension-free laying of your tubes. The angle offers you the possibility to reach those hard-to-reach corners or to bypass certain obstacles, like CPU- or VGA-coolers. Due to the 1/4 inch thread, the fittings can be used with almost all water cooling systems. The flow rate was increased to the maximum. The joint can be rotated 360°. Two embedded sealants ensure that no cooling fluid can leak out.

Model: CF 60° rotary threaded adaptor - G1/4
Color: Black
Material: Brass
Outer Thread: G1/4"
Inner Thread: G1/4"
Thread Length: 5 mm
Diameter: 17 mm
Length: 33 mm
Angle: 60°
UPC: 4260285293276