"Makers of the Original Silent PC Case and Cooling Solutions"

    We believe a company's value should be measured by the experiences it creates, rather than focusing only on the numbers. Before we entered the market, we noticed there was a lack of quality, quiet PC cases available, and at that moment, we knew what we had to do.
      Our founder, with deep roots and decades of experience in the PC industry, worked with a team of German engineers just like yourself - passionate gamers, modders, and enthusiasts, to create a PC case that would lead the way in functionality, practicality, and design. In 2012, we made our first mark in the industry with the release of the Deep Silence 1 and became the Pioneer of Sound Dampened PC Cases.
        We believe in going against the status quo and being different in all that we do. Our engineers and developers focus on producing products that are high-performing, long lasting, and built for silence. We pay close attention to the details and features of our cases to create value and a better user experience. Our PC cases have since gone on to win multiple awards and receive praise from some of the top publications around the world.
          Behind our decades of experience and advanced technologies, we’re fueled by passion and a desire - a desire to continuously innovate the PC case to make it better and enjoyable for people like you.

          OUR MISSION
            "To deliver you functional, practical, innovative, and sophisticated products"
              Our guaranteed mission is to deliver you products that are premium in quality and competitive in prices. We place a particular importance on ergonomic, low-noise components, making PC building more efficient and enjoyable. We are constantly inspired to innovate our unique design and features that allow you to achieve the best PC build possible!
                Behind everything we do, we believe in doing one thing, and doing one thing right; at the core of what drives us - our users. All of our products are designed around the central focus of providing you with a better and easier way to personal computing. We're powered by individuals dedicated to our craft and driven to constantly innovate and create new designs that turn your imaginations into reality.