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Advanced Production Techniques

Plastic Injection Molding

We can mold products from a huge range of our extensive inventory or precision machine molds to your exact needs. Our experienced molders are experts at highly detailed, high-quality molds.

Vertical/Horizontal CNC Machining

In addition to these two types of machining centers, our facility offers different models of equipment, providing even more manufacturing flexibility. Our engineers select the ideal equipment for an application based on the geometry, material, and volume of the part being machined.

CNC Turning

CNC Turning (subtraction machining) is a manufacturing process that starts with our engineers programming our machines directly from your CAD files. Our CNC machines use tools of varying shapes and sizes to remove material from a solid block of metal/plastic that are highly accurate/precise.

High Speed Drill Tapping

To further improve cycle times on high-speed drilling, boring and tapping processes, our machines come equipped with smart functions that allow the drilling tool to leave its path and take the fastest route between points. As a result manufacturers benefit from excellent cycle times and increased throughput.

Nanoxia offers extensive molding experience, professional tooling techniques and top-notch technology in manufacturing of

Server Chassis, NAS cases, PC enclosures, and more.