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How do I setup the Active Air Chimney inside the Deep Silence 6 case?
The Deep Silence 6 case comes with two fan controllers: one for the Active Air Chimney (top panel) and one for the A/B channel sliders (front panel). To access the fan controller for the Active Air Chimney, open the right side panel. Locate the two-pronged power cord (upper left corner) and connect this cable to a power supply. Once you have plugged this power cord to a power supply, you may open/close the top panel to automatically turn on/off the two fans underneath the top panel. Power is required for Active Air Chimney and its connected fans to work. 
Can I fit a wide GPU inside the Project S case?
The Project S case is quite wide and allows GPU up to 7.0 inches tall/high (measured from bottom of the motherboard to the tempered glass outer shell). If your GPU has an outward facing power connector causing width issues, the project S may be a good choice due to its spacious design
Will the EVGA Supernova 1600 P2 80+ Platinum power supply fit in the Deep Silence 6?
The EVGA supernova 1600 measures 225 mm (8.8 inches) in length and fits in the Deep Silence 6. The Deep Silence 6 can accommodate up to power supply length of 15.74 inches if you remove the fan mounting bracket and the bottom drive cages. If you do not remove those pieces then the maximum length becomes 11.06 inches.
Will you have the window version of Nanoxia cases in stock? I cannot find them anywhere for US and Canada.
Although we do have the option for a window panel on the Deep Silence case, these window panels are sold separately. The CoolForce cases are available in tempered glass editions (preinstalled).
What is bitumen foam?
All Nanoxia cases are well known for their incredibly efficient soundproofing ability. While many case manufacturers claim to be "silent" or "deadly silent", none are as silent as our Nanoxia Deep Silence. To reach that level of silence, a lot of things come into play such as precisely fit panels to avoid vibrations and automobile-grade sound dampening materials. Our engineers even looked at the way front doors open & close and changed the angles to minimize sound leakage. The bitumen foam we use is a special combination of sound dampening linings that are especially efficient at absorbing airborne noises.
Are there any accessories for Deep Silence cases?
You bet we do! We offer a full line of silent case fans and sleeved cables of varying RPM, voltage, size, and length.
Can I fit SSI EEB or SSI CEB motherboards into any of your cases?
SSI EEB will fit in an EATX case or bigger. Its dimensions are exactly 12 x 13 inches. However, not all screw holes will line up (usually 3 screw holes will not line up, depending on the exact SSI EEB motherboard you have). The corners line up and some intermediate ones do, and the motherboard should be held tight enough for most usage. But you may notice some motherboard bending due to the missing screws in other areas. Because of the large motherboard size and components, we recommend our Deep Silence 5 (E-ATX) and Deep Silence 6 (HTPX). Other things to keep in mind with SSI EEB motherboards is that you will most likely be using 2 x 8pin (EPS12V) server power connectors, which most consumer grade power supplies do not provide. SSI CEB will fit in an ATX case or bigger. Its dimensions are exactly 12 x 10.5 inches. All screw holes and IO connectors are the same as ATX motherboard and fit in Deep Silence 1 (ATX) or larger.
Can I fit E-ATX motherboard into Deep Silence 1 revision B?
No. Deep Silence 1 cases, including Deep Silence 1 revision B, support a maximum motherboard length of 305mm on the X-axis. E-ATX motherboards have a length of 330mm. Deep Silence 5, and Deep Silence 6 do fit E-ATX motherboards.
Which case is best for DAW (digital audio workstation)?
While all Deep Silence cases are lined with a special combination of bitumen fabric and foam compound, and make for excellent DAW (audio workstation), each Deep Silence case offers unique features and some may be better suited for audio workstation than others. If your DAW (audio workstation) relies primarily on powerful PCI audio processors, we recommend the Deep Silence 1 case for the following reasons: » Most of the heat generated inside your case comes from the audio processors in the PCI area. The Deep Silence 1 case comes with 2 front case fans that move air directly across the PCI area. Those front case fans are housed in removable brackets and air filters. » The largest component of your case is the audio processors in the PCI area. The Deep Silence 1 case comes with removable hard drive cages so you can install up to 17.51 inch long PCI cards without drive>» Your projects are noise sensitive. The Deep Silence 1 comes with the thicker steel panels at 0.7mm.
Will the Deep Silence 1 fit a Corsair H100i GTX liquid cooler?
Yes, it does! The H100i GTX is a 240mm liquid cooler and fits just fine in the Deep Silence 1 cases.
Will the Seagate 8TB Archive Drives fit in your cases?
The Seagate 8TB Archive Drive series have slightly different mounting screw holes when compared to rest of hard drives. The Seagate 8TB Archive Drives removed the middle screw holes along the sides and moved slightly the bottom screw holes. Our trays use 4 screws to mount "regular" hard drives at the bottom. The lack of middle screw holes on the side of the Seagate 8TB Archive Drive does not prevent you from using our trays. However, the Seagate 8TB Archive Drive has moved slightly 2 of the 4 bottom screw holes. You will be able to mount only 2 of the 4 screws on our tray. The Seagate 8TB Archive Drives will fit in our Deep Silence hard drive trays, but you will be able to mount only 2 of the 4 screws at the bottom.
Where is the HDD LED in the case?
It is on the power button. The power button stays green when power is ON and flashes RED when the hard drive is being accessed.
Will a Seasonic ss-1250xm x-series ATX pc power supply fit in your case model NXDS6?
Yes, it will fit. The Nanoxia Deep Silence NXDS6 fits power supplies up to 14.46 inches long and the Seasonic ss-1250xm power supply measures roughly 7.48 inches.
Does Asus Z10PE-D16 WS (EEB motherboard) fit Nanoxia Deep Silence 5 cases? 
We thank Amazon customer "Thom" (  for sharing this fantastic feature with us. The Deep Silence 5 case has all the appropriate spots for the standoffs without any modification and fits the Asus EEB motherboard Z10PE-D16 WS (
Can the Deep Silence 1 hold any internal optical drive? 
The Deep Silence 1 holds up to 3 x 5.25-inch internal optical drives.
How many USB headers are in the Deep Silence 1 case?
The Deep Silence 1 cases come with one header for two USB 3.0 ports, and one header for two USB 2.0 ports.
How many removable drives are included in Deep Silence 6?
The number of removable drives depends on the revision of the case.  The Deep Silence 6 comes with removable 3 drive cages, while the Deep Silence 6 Rev B comes with 6 removable drive cages. 
Is there any power LED or reset LED? What are their light colors? 
The Deep Silence cases come with a power button that is green when turned on. It will flash red when there are disk activities.
Does the Deep Silence 1 case support Asus Strix Geforce GTX 980ti card? w/o hard drive bays?
The Deep Silence 1 case features removable hard drive cages and can accommodate 2 or even 3 video cards (motherboard permitting).
What is the four pin Molex connector for? It's part of the case power harness.
The fan controller is powered by a 4-pin Molex connector that is connected directly to the power supply.  The DS1 to DS5 fan controller has two channels (A and B), with each channel able to control up to three 3-pin fans, therefore a total of six fans can be controlled. The DS6 fan controller has two channels (A and B), with each channel able to control up to four 3-pin fans, therefore a total of eight fans can be controlled. This is in addition to the Active Air Chimney fan controller (which automatically turns on/off the fans underneath the top panel).
Does the case use HD Audio or AC97 audio port?
The Deep Silence cases use HD Audio connectors as most motherboard support HD Audio these days.
Does the case come with Chassis Intrusion Header?
The Deep Silence cases do not come with chassis intrusion header.
Is the Deep Silence 5 same as Fractal Design XL R2? 
The Deep Silence 5 offers 1 additional PCI-E slot, 4 additional rubber hose guides for external water coolers, 4 additional tool-less 5.25" drive bays and 3 additional 2.5" HDD/SSD drive bays. The Deep Silence 5 is a larger, heavier and quieter case (thanks to the large-scale lining of sound dampening materials).
How do I tighten the motherboard standoffs?
We highly recommend using 5 mm hex nut driver to install the stand-offs as it allows you to apply proper torque easily.   


How do I set up the fan controller (Deep Silence 1 ~ 6)?
All Deep Silence cases include step-less fan controller on the front panel that controls up to 6 or 8 fans. All fan controllers require power and must be connected to a power supply to function.
Is the power source for the fan controller that plugs into the PSU supposed to have 2 pins instead of 4?
The fan controller built-in all Deep Silence cases connects to the power supply using Molex cables and uses only 2 of the 4 pins.
Are the fans dust proof? 
Unfortunately, they are not. But we do include dust filters that are easily removable, washable and replaceable. Some of our fans are available in an easy to clean, removable brackets and filters.
How to splice case fan connections: 3-pin vs Molex
Fan wires:
Red: +12V
Yellow: Control
Black: Ground

Molex wires:
Yellow: +12V
Red: +5V
Black: Ground

Splicing instructions:

1. Take the Yellow wire from Molex and connect it to Red wire from fan.
2. Take the Black wire from Molex and connect it to Black wire from fan.
3. This will cause the fan to run at full speed continuously (no fan speed control).You can use a crimping tool if you have one if not squeezing them tightly with a pair of pliers should do the job.Happy modding!

Can I use the stock fans on a push-pull radiator?
Many liquid coolers include fans for only one side (push or pull) of the radiator.You may be tempted to use the stock case fan to create a push-pull setup.While you can definitely use the stock fans in a push-pull radiator, the Deep Silence fans were designed to match the case's fan controller. This means the stock case fans may not rotate in sync with the fans from other brands, leading to additional air turbulence (airborne noises).
Can I use a 3-pin power connector with a 4-pin fan header?
Absolutely! 4-pin fans are designed with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) used by motherboards.The Nanoxia Deep Silence cases come with fan controllers with 3-pin power connectors and do not need PWM.Simply plug 4-pin fan to the 3-pin power connector with the PWM-pin unfilled. There is no adapter needed.
How would I achieve 12V speeds with Nanoxia Deep Silence Fans?
To ensure maximum fan speed of 12V, make sure: 

1. Do not use the included 7V cable (included in select fan models).

2. Slide the fan controller switch all the way to max.
Can the fans be used in a 2 wire system?
You may splice the cables and use just 2 wires (red and black).The third wire (yellow) is used for speed control / RPM by the motherboard.
What kind of bearing is used in Deep Silence fans?
The Nanoxia Deep Silence fans use Rifle bearings. This is similar to sleeve bearings, but are quieter and have almost as much lifespan as ball bearings. These bearings have a spiral groove in it that circulates lubricants from a reservoir. The use of rifle bearings allows our fans to be near-silent and last a very long time.Can I fit a wide GPU inside the Project S case?
Are the supplied case fans LED? Do they light up?
The fans included in our cases are not LED. They do not light up.Can I fit a wide GPU inside the Project S case?
Is it a good idea (or necessary) to attach dust filters for fans placed at the top of the case?
All Deep Silence cases come with filter screens on the front intake fans. If your top fans are exhausting hot air, you don't need filters.
What is the depth of Deep Silence fans? Are these slim profile fans?
The Deep Silence fans are 25 mm in thickness and are not slim profile fans.


Can I just plug the 24 pin connector into a fully modular PSU? Like an RM850i for example.
Most power supplies come with their own, proprietary modular cables. The Nanoxia 24 pin ATX extension is designed to fit power supply cables and does not fit directly to the power supply itself.
What is the cable gauge of the aluminum cable combs?
The CoolForce aluminum cable combs are machined with a clearance of 3mm. They are ideally suited for Nanoxia cables, but you may use these clips with any sleeved cable up to 3mm in thickness.


What is the recommended tube length to mount a liquid cooler on the front of the case?

This depends on the size of the case, the location of the liquid cooler and other PC components you have installed inside the case.

Using Deep Silence 1 as an example, this case measures 517 x 220 x 532 mm (height x width x depth). The longest distance between the front bottom corner, to the top rear corner of the case, is about 741 mm. We highly recommend that you go with greater than 400mm tube length whenever possible.

This would give you more "slack" in case you need to route the tube to other PC components.

Is Ethylene Glycol safe to use with PETG tubing?
Our CoolForce Collant, which contains Ethylene Glycol, is safe to use with PETG tubes. Ethylene Glycol is one of the components used in making PETG products.
How do I install an H100GT in my Deep Silence 5?
The recommended place to install large radiators like the Corsair H100GT is under the top panel. Please refer to the picture for mounting screw holes available in Deep Silence 5 top panel.

What is the difference between CF No.1 Aqua Pure Water and CF No.1 Pure & Power?

Aqua-Pure Water is double distilled water and contains absolutely no additives of any kind, such as dyes, anti-freeze or biological growth inhibitors. Aqua-Pure Water is safe to add to any liquid cooling system.

Pure & Power is one of the various choices from our Cooling Fluids Pro series of coolant, which contains a special mixture of additives for corrosion protection for copper, nickel, aluminum, and brass. Pure & Power is not UV reactive.

We also offer UV reactive coolant in a variety of colors: Acid Green, Clear, Blue, Green, Blood Red. 

Can I use the LED fittings with flexible tubing?
The CoolForce LED fittings are designed for PETG hard tubes, such as CF-PETG450 or CF-PETG550. These LED fittings are not recommended for use with PVC flexible tubes.
Do I need a silver coil?
All CoolForce coolant (such as CF1 Acid Green) already includes biocide and corrosion inhibitors, so you don't really need a silver coil. While silver coils inhibit bio growth, they do not provide corrosion protection. If you introduce another type of liquid such as distilled water, you should consider adding biocide and corrosion inhibitors, such as CF1 Base.
Do your coolants contain Ethylene Glycol?
The CF No. 1 coolants contain less than 0.0005% ethylene glycol and are suitable for all water cooling systems.


Can the RGB LED bar directly plug into my Asus STRIX GPU if my motherboard does not have RGB headers?

The Nanoxia RGB bar is designed for RGB headers, and controlled via Asus Aura Sync software.

As of this writing, we are not aware of any GPU capable of both RGB headers, and controllable via Asus Aura Sync software. If these two requirements are met, you should, in theory, be able to plug our RGB bar into the GPU's RGB header and control it via Asus Aura Sync software.


Does the CoolForce LED Fittings work on 12mm ID (inner diameter) tubes?

We do not recommend connecting to a slightly smaller 12 mm inner diameter tubes as this prevents proper sealing of the circuit. The Nanoxia CoolForce LED fittings are ideally suited to connect our CoolForce 16/13 PETG tubes (or any other acrylic tubes with identical dimension) and components with a G 1/4 inner threads.

 How can I activate UV fluids?
To ensure you have enough UV spectrum to activate UV fluids, you may want to consider installing our Rigid LED Bar available in UV light option:



Why does my Nanoxia UV bar look blue-ish?
Our UV bars are on the blue spectrum of UV and gives off a very soft hint of purple not noticeable in daylight.

While our UV bars may look blue-ish in color, most of the light it emits is in the ultraviolet (UV) range of the spectrum, which is invisible to the human eye.

Why is my Nanoxia LED bar not working when plugged into a motherboard?
Our LED bars are quite powerful and require more power than most motherboards can provide. A single 20 cm bar consumes 4.4 Watts, while a 30 cm bar requires 6.4 Watts! Since most motherboard fan headers are not capable of delivering such power, as a resultthe LED bars will flicker (or simply not work at all). To achieve maximum brightness, please connect the LED bars directly to a power supply using the included 3-pin Molex connector.


How do I request spare parts?

To request for spare parts, please write to us here.

Make sure you provide a detailed description of the problem and attach a picture of the problem whenever possible.

Our staff will do their best to identify and locate the part you request.

Depending on the spare part you request, there may be fees and/or shipping charges.If there are any fees, our agent will notify you of approval.

Where can I order custom window panels?
At this time, the Deep Silence 6 is the only available case with a window version. We are currently not taking any custom orders for window panels for any of the other models. However, we are looking to have an inventory of these on hand in the coming future. Please check back with us.
How do I remove the front panel bottom door on the DS1?

The front panel bottom door on the DS1 is secured by 2 pins, one at the top and another at the bottom. In order to remove the front panel door, you need to remove the bottom pin. Please review the picture with the following instructions:

1. Remove 6 rubber pads covering the screws.
2. Once you have unscrewed the front panel door, the bottom pin will become loose.
3. Remove the front panel door.
4. Place the bottom pin back in the front panel door.
5. Tighten the 6 screws and place the rubber pads back on.

Is it easy to cut a window on the side panel with a Dremel tool?
All Deep Silence cases are lined with sound dampening materials on the side panels, which complicated cutting using hand tools such as a Dremal. Cutting a window would also significantly reduce its acoustic absorbing properties.
Does the case come with any beeping speaker for the motherboard?
The Deep Silence cases do not include case/motherboard speaker as you probably will barely hear such speaker mounted inside the case due to the sound dampening materials used. Our cases are heavily insulated to provide the best in noise suppression and silent computing, especially if you are in a recording studio.