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Nanoxia is open and working in compliance with the State of California and CDC Guidelines.
Nanoxia is open and working in compliance with the State of California and CDC Guidelines.

Why Buy?

1) German Engineering
You will receive innovative products, based on the ideas of a team of experienced German developers who put their ideas into reality.
2) High Quality
Opt for products of the highest quality, made of high-quality materials to ensure that you get the best product for your money.
3) Versatile features
You can expect a variety of fantastic Features, like the Air Chimney or the ModuWand, our ultra-bright Rigid LED bars or the whisper-silent Special N.N.V. fans.
4) Innovative Products
You can look forward to the latest technology and innovative technologies when you buy Nanoxia products.
5) Uniform design
You'll find homogenous looking products, be it PC housings, fans or LEDs with a uniform design.
6) Great availability
Take advantage of the excellent availability of our products.
7) Attractive price-performance-ratio
You get top quality products at a particularly attractive price/performance ratio.
8) Direct contact with the manufacturer
You have the direct line to us. Give us a call, write us an e-mail or contact us through our website. Personal, direct, and close!
9) Trained support staff
At any time, you can rely on our trained support staff for questions and advice.
10) Time-saving
You save time because you can also order through the internet shops of our distributors using the most modern ordering technology.
11) Known by good reviews
Find out about the high quality of our products in countless reviews of renowned specialist magazines and well-known websites.
12) Comprehensive portfolio
You will receive a balanced and well thought-out portfolio for your customers, which you will love.
13) Competent customer support
Our employees know our products inside and out. If you have a question, we can offer you the best customer support that you can desire.
14) RMA can be partially handled by us
Please direct your customers directly to us with smaller requests. We will take over the delivery of spare parts, etc.
15) Short reaction time
You do not have to wait days for an answer from us. Within a very short time, we take care of your requests and find an uncomplicated solution.
16) Regular release of new products
You can expect a steadily growing portfolio with innovative new products.
17) Reliable products
You will receive high-quality goods with a long life expectancy.
18) Purchase our goods from your local partners
Get our products from the partner of your trust - our products are available on a large scale!
19) Bestseller
Your customers will be enthusiastic about the well-established goods we offer you.
20) Fast delivery
You can always rely on our products to be delivered to you within a very short time, no matter which of your partners you prefer.
21) Individuality
You do not buy "off-the-shelf products", but you can rely on our products to meet individual customer requirements.
22) Competent advise
If you have any questions about our products, we will provide you with answers to all your questions about our products.
23) Wide dealer network
You can order our products from well-known partners in Germany, the United States, Canada, and Australia.
24) Customize everything
We are always open to suggestions on how to offer you even better products that you can customize for your own needs.
25) Together we are strong
You can count on us to support you in every way to make our products a success.
26) Best Quality at an attractive price
You will be impressed by the attractive price/performance ratio and the quality of our products.
27) Connect with us!
Contact us, get to know us and discover the various ways in which you can successfully distribute our products. We are at your disposal.
28) Save time!
Use our product information and product photos to list our products quickly.
29) Your trust is our goal
You can expect a cooperation based on trust and fairness with us. Our goal is your satisfaction!
30) Individual adjustments possible
Are you looking for a housing to customize? Contact us, we will find a product which is perfect for your needs.
31) International character
You can also contact us from other all around the world at any time - we have been internationally active and known for years.
32) We meet your challenges
You have special requests, inquiries or an innovative idea, for which you are looking for a partner - contact us and profit from our long-standing know-how.
33) We live Nanoxia!
With us, you can be sure that all our employees are fully motivated and stand behind the Nanoxia brand. We will do everything to ensure that you are satisfied with us as our customer!