3 Tips When Buying a PC Case

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Building a new PC is an exciting time for most enthusiasts, except for those who are doing it for the first time. If you're looking to buy your very first case, it helps to first know what you're building it for, so you can then know what types of features to look for.

In this quick little guide, we're going to discuss 3 of the basic criteria that you need to look for when shopping for your first PC case.


Decide on what size case you need. You need a case that is large enough to store all the components you plan have, with room for future upgrades. The most common size is ATX Mid-Tower which is more than enough space for the typical PC build.

Many hardcore PC gamers will opt for larger cases because they use specialized components such as water coolers and dual graphic cards. These beefy components demand a beefy case, which regular ATX Mid-Tower do not provide. If you are a PC gamer looking to build your first gaming case, you may be better served by choosing a larger case such as XL-ATX or E-ATX Full-Tower.

On the other hand, if you are looking to build a home theater PC, you will probably want to go the other way. Home theater PC (or HTPC) users care more about acoustics and prefer smaller footprints. Most of these users opt for smaller components as well, such as micro ATX or even mini-ITX motherboards.



A functional case is one that is well-designed, to accommodate as many components and user configurations as possible. We always recommend that you go with a regular ATX Mid-Tower case with at least pre-installed 3 fans and modular drive bays. However, a lot of the cases on the market today, such as ours, provide a variety of features that come standard inside the cases such as:

» Pre-installed Fans
» Cable management 
» Modular drive bays
» Space for water coolers
» Fan speed controllers 
» Sound dampening



How well does the PC case do when it comes to keeping noise levels down? In the quest for lower price points, many manufacturers do not even consider this to be an important aspect of a PC case. A well-built, silent pc case allows you to enjoy your work just as much as your games, in the comforts of wherever you are - home, bedroom, office, or studio. You may throw thousands at high end components, but unless your PC is in a server-room environment, you probably don’t want it to scream like a banshee. Silence is golden and goes a long way in creating a good user experience. 

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