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Aluminum Cable Comb - 16pin Gunmetal (3mm)

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$ 15.99

These are the ultimate cable combs for PC cable sleevers and modders! We decided early on to have our cable clips manufactured from high-grade aluminum for the best aesthetics in any build. Our unique two-piece design allows you to change wires easily without the need to remove the cable connectors, and to easily secure the cable-paths by mounting the cable combs to your computer chassis. You can easily feed custom sleeved/modded wires with no snags on paracord or plastic sleeve. No more fragile plastic combs, unsightly plastic ties, or hard to remove closed combs.

  • CNC machined to exact shapes for 16 strands of custom sleeved wires (i.e. 2 x 8 pin GPU/PCIE power cables).
  • Four Allen screws open/close the two parts, so you can easily feed the wires without removing jacket or connectors.
  • Two Allen screws mount to computer chassis, so you can easily secure the cable-path without slipping.
  • Anodized & sandblasted to create one of the best metal finish that will not oxidize or fade under UV light.
  • Package includes one anodized aluminum cable clip and six Allen screws.