Ballistix Elite 4GB Single DDR4 3000MHZ

$ 0.00

    Outplay. Outmatch. Outlast.

    To max out performance, you need the right processor, the right motherboard, a PhD in overclocking, and the fastest memory available. That’s where Ballistix® Elite gaming memory comes into play. 

    Engineered to push the fastest DDR3 and DDR4 platforms to the edge, Ballistix Elite fuels hardcore processors and crushes the memory bottleneck with unthinkable speeds and bandwidths.  

    Memory Technology: DDR4
    Module Density: 4-8GB
    Speed: 2666, 3000, 3200 MT/s
    Target System: High-end desktops
    Ideal For: Cutting-edge DDR4 platforms
    Design Elements: Black anodized heat spreader with aggressive militaristic styling 
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