Nanoxia Cooling Liquid Clear 1.000 ml UV Reactive

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The additive CF No.1 Pure & Power is clear and requires neither color additives nor illuminants. The performance of your water cooling improves – while at the same time the system is effectively protected against corrosion. No additional additives are required. The product has been tested successfully with leading water cooling products.

Corrosion Protection
In order for you to operate your water cooling system without problems for as long as possible, we set the priority on the UV Red additive on protection against corrosion.

Different manufacturers of liquid cooling systems use different types of metals in their systems, which are often used together. To protect the metal components from corrosion we have developed a coolant, which in particular protects the metals copper, aluminum, brass and nickel. The special features in this case are the added inhibitors, which are preventing the corrosion of metal parts inside the cooling circuit. Thanks to our special mixture our additive is compatible with all water cooling system.

Quality control
The liquids and all parts of it are manufactured and overseen in Germany.

The liquids are examined each month for consistency and subjected to various endurance tests in cooling systems. With the CoolForce liquids you will always receive products of outstanding quality.

We suggest to change the fluid once per year.


» Non-conductive
» Stabile HDPE bottle
» Conductivity < 10 µs/cm (20 °C)
» Spray cap - no funnel needed
» Ready for use – no mixing necessary
» Corrosion protection for copper, nickel, aluminum and brass
» Prevents algae growth in cooling system
» Compatible to all available PC-Water-Cooling-Systems
» Unopened shelf life of 3 years maximum

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