Nanoxia Pro Base Corrosion Blocker & Biocide 100ml

$ 7.99 $ 9.99

Highly concentrated corrosion protection for closed water cooling systems.

The additive is suitable for permanent use - a change of the water is not necessary. CF No.1 Base provides effective protection against corrosion and is neutral in color.

The contents of the vial is approximately 100 ml, enough for approx. 5 liters of distilled water (mixing ratio 1:50).

Despite distilled water, please do not use other additives with the exception of suitable dyes such as CF No.1 fluid.


» Stabile HDPE bottle
» Spray cap - no funnel needed
» Corrosion protection for copper, nickel, aluminum and brass
» Prevents algae growth in cooling system
» Compatible to all available PC-Water-Cooling-Systems
» Unopened shelf life of 3 years maximum

UPC: 4260285293870

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